APPA-PAC recommendations on FLAIR (April 2005)

FLAIR will be the world's unique facility combining low energy antiprotons and exotic ions. It will provide forefront research opportunities on challenging physics in the 2010's. The committee evaluates its extraordinary significance and recommends it to become an integral part of the FAIR facilities. FLAIR accommodates ambitious high-precision experiments, such as antihydrogen 1s-2s and hfs spectroscopy, antiprotonic atom spectroscopy, antiproton g-factor measurement, and antihydrogen gravity measurement. In addition, antihydrogen reactions, etc. will be carried out. The experiments are being developed in part at the CERN-AD; the experimental groups have already invested substantial resources to build up their instrumentations. Only the high-quality antiproton beams expected at FAIR will finally allow to reach the ultimate goal of accuracy and precision in these experiments.

The basic infrastructure of FLAIR consists of LSR (CRYRING), USR, and HITRAP. The FLAIR building should be part of stage 1 in order to obtain CRYRING as LSR from Stockholm without additional financial resources. The request of MEuro 4.22 for converting CRYRING to LSR is reasonable. The beam lines (cost of MEuro 5.2) should be provided by FAIR because they are common to the FLAIR/SPARC facility. All other expenses (MEuro 11.6) in addition to the existing equipment (MEuro 15.7) will come from the collaborating teams.

The option for the beam line from the low-energy nuclear physics cave to FLAIR should be kept open.