FLAIR Reports

Science Case of the APPA-Collaborations

Short Summary of the Science Case of the APPA-Collaborations, pdf

Technical Design Report for the CRYRING@ESR Project

CRYRING@ESR: A study group report, pdf

LSR Low-energy Storage Ring: Technical Design Report

This design report, version 1.3, was submitted to FAIR the 12 May 2011, pdf

FLAIR Letter of Intent

The letter was submitted on January 15th, 2004. Thanks to everybody who contributed to it.

An updated version (pdf) was submitted on February 23rd to account forrecent developments regarding the achievable antiproton rates.

The letter as positively reviewed during March 2004 (results)

E. Widmann February 18, 2009

Technical Proposal

The final version (pdf) was submitted in print on January 21, 2005. Thanks to everybody, especially to Carsten Welsch, Wolfgang Quint, and Angela Bräuning-Demian.


During the PAC meeting we distributed a short summary of the TP including a table summarising the costs.

This document can be downloaded here after login. It is confidential and not to be shown to outsiders.

Positive result of evaluation

TP Update

Slightly updated version of the technical proposal (pdf) and the executive summary (pdf) submitted to GSI for inclusion into the final TR of FAIR to the German government.

Baseline technical report

The updated version of the TP is called baseline technical report (see below).

Baseline Technical Report

The updated FLAIR Technical Proposal became part of the FAIR Baseline Technical Report published in September 2006, which was accepted by the International Steering Committee as the basis of the FAIR facility. FLAIR became thus an integral part of FAIR.

FLAIR Baseline Technical Report, pdf

Full report available at FAIR-Website

Miscellaneous Reports