Second FLAIR Meeting


FLAIR Meeting Thursday, 23.10.2003
20:00 - 21:00
GSI, Theory Seminar Room

short minutes by J. Walz


E. Widmann, W. Quint, R. Hayano, Ö. Skeppstedt, J. Walz, A. Bräuning-Demian, Th. Stöhlker, Ch. Töpfer, B. Möllers, P. Mokler, R. Schuch, Y. Yamazaki,
J. Marton, K. Jungmann, K. Peters (left after top 1), Ch. Kozhuharov,
G. Plunien, Th. Beier, M. Steck, R. Simons, J. Kluge, S. Hagmann, P. Kienle,
N. N., F. Bosch, Ch. Kitegi, A. Warczak, S. Djekic, N. N., D. Gronka,
K. Kilian, T. Katayama, D. Möhl

1) D. Möhl: Antiproton production

At CERN the antiproton intensity is limited not by the production but by the stochastic cooling.

It has been discussed whether going to higher energies is advantageous, using SPS at 400 GeV instead of PS at 26 GeV. Turned out that it is advantageous to use the PS, because going to higher energies takes time. The cross-section saturates at 100 GeV. It is also difficult to achieve the same acceptance for catching antiprotons at higher energies. Expects that going higher than 30 GeV can only bring a 10 % improvement.

Overall gain factor 2 or 3 might be achievable, but not x10.

Limit: stochastic cooling time = number of particles / bandwidth. One limitation to the bandwidth were waves going in the vacuum chamber from the kicker to the pickup. Ferrite catchers have been installed -> higher
bandwidth was possible.

Horn/Lens: Li could catch 30...50 % more antiprotons.

It took a long time (10 years) to get the design performance.

M. Steck: The collector ring is not dedicated/optimized for pbars but also has
to serve HCI and isochronous mode for mass measurements.

2) Ö. Skeppstedt:

CRYRING has to be shutdown within 3 years. The time between this and the startup at GSI has to be negotiated between Germany and Sweden.

3) K. Kilian: Revival of old idea:

Strangeness S -2 creatiion by Pbar annihilation on He^3: -> S-2, charge +1.

Trigger is extremely efficient. Whole detector can be within 1 liter volume.
Stop antiprotons within 10 micro-meters.

4) E. Widmann: Layout:

Group leaders should return questionnaire until 07.11.2003.

Then see how everything fits into the total area. Keep an expansion option.

P. Mokler: Limit to the idea of a hall and barracks around it. Openings in
the wall have to be formally approved (fire protection). Might be a real

M. Steck: Use an ion source for commissioning of the rings. Injection at 300 keV is enough, CRYRING accepts that. But: needs additional space.


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G. Soff and G. Plunien, Dresden
V. Shabaev, St. Petersburg
G. Werth, Mainz
R. Schuch, Stockholm