Draft Recommendations of the STI Working Group on FAIR


The STI Working Group received summary reports from the chairpersons of the three scientific Program Advisory Committees (QCD-PAC, NUSTAR-PAC and APPA-PAC) and the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), following their three-days meetings. The STI largely concurs with the findings and recommendations of the PACs and of the TAC. The latter have been previously mailed to the respective spokespersons for information purposes.

By late autumn 2005 an updated Technical Design Report of the FAIR project needs to be prepared, within given resource boundaries. To this end, the STI chair together with the FAIR project management have set-up Cost Review ( CORE ) groups, with the intent to help experiment collaborations and the accelerator teams to establish a cost book of components and to scrutinize the layout of each section of the accelerator facility, the detectors and experimental stations to fit into the financial framework of the FAIR Project.

The following recommendations comprise the results of the discussions in the STI Working Group on May 20, 2005. Each experiment proposal was evaluated in the context of the initial Conceptual Design Report (CDR) which was taken as the principal definition of the basic research program. Additionally, the recommendations and requests of the Program Advisory Committees were taken into account. This led to a tabular evaluation that was presented to the International Steering Committee (ISC) on May 23, 2005.

For example: 

Part of the basic reserch program as defined by the CDR

+ or -

Part of the core experimental facility of FAIR

yes or nor or undetermined

The final approval of the experiments will depend on the quality of the Technical Design Reports as well as overall budget considerations. It is understood that each experiment, once approved, will have to adhere to the budget ceiling as defined by the CORE group.

The recommendations of the STI on the experiment consists of the table as presented to the ISC and an explicit recommendation and particular requests that shall help the particular experiment to improve the current situation.


Part of the basic research program as defined by the CDR


Part of the core experimental facility of FAIR


The FLAIR proposal was not part of the initial CDR. However, the strong physics case together with the highly cost effective utilisation of FAIR facilities (SPARC) and existent components (LSR) convinced the STI to include it into the core facility.

The experiments are being developed in part at the CERN-AD; the experimental groups have already invested substantial resources to build up their instrumentations. The basic infrastructure of FLAIR consists of LSR (CRYRING), USR, and HITRAP.

The FLAIR building should be part of stage 1 in order to obtain CRYRING as LSR from  Stockholm without additional financial resources  The option for the beam line from the low-energy nuclear physics cave to FLAIR should be  kept open.
A clear schedule must be worked out by the collaboration and the FAIR management, in order to establish to what extent their wishes on planning can be accommodated.

The experiment is approved, on the basis of the LOI and the TP, to work towards the TDR.